Two noti­fica­tions of par­tici­pa­tion in the alliance were recei­ved by the dead­li­ne

Concept image of Kokkola Areena, 3D modelling


Timo Sivu­la, Kok­ko­lan Urheilupuisto’s Mana­ging Direc­tor, car­ried out nego­tia­tions with seve­ral com­pa­nies during the ten­der pha­se. It is a deman­ding pro­ject, which cer­tain­ly had an impact on the num­ber of ent­ries. Cont­ract nego­tia­tions will be held with the alliances that sub­mit­ted their noti­fica­tions of par­tici­pa­tion in March and April. The nego­tia­tions will inclu­de two rounds, during which the applicants’ abi­li­ty to car­ry out the pro­ject as plan­ned will be asses­sed. The deci­sion on the alliance will be made on 14 April. The final bids will be recei­ved in May, mea­ning that the alliance must be selec­ted befo­re the sum­mer.

Kok­ko­lan Urhei­lu­puis­to Oy ranks the can­di­da­tes, and an agree­ment will be sig­ned with the alliance that recei­ves the best sco­re. The first task for the win­ner will be to draw up a bin­ding pro­ject plan and bud­get. The pro­ject plan and bud­get will be sub­mit­ted to the City Board and the City Council. The City Council eit­her appro­ves or rejects the pro­po­sal.

The actual design pha­se is plan­ned to start in autumn 2022, and the goal is for the sho­vel to start dig­ging and con­struc­tion to begin a year later. The sports park is sche­du­led to be comple­ted in 2025, but the com­mis­sio­ning should begin in sta­ges as ear­ly as 2024.

Pro­po­sals concer­ning the plans can be sub­mit­ted until next autumn. So now is the time to come forward and offer opi­nions on the plans that have been made.

The buil­ding complex out­li­ned in the appro­ved concept will inclu­de two cove­red trai­ning ice rinks and indoor run­ning tracks, an ice rink, which will be reno­va­ted to meet modern requi­re­ments, reno­va­tion of the lis­ted part of the sports hall with a bas­ket­ball court and a refur­bis­hed gym, and a new lar­ge indoor are­na.

The cost of the pro­ject is esti­ma­ted at EUR 50 mil­lion. The exact bud­get will be known once the alliance draws up the pro­ject plan and bud­get in May. Feed­back from the can­di­da­tes shows that this cost esti­ma­te will cover the enti­re pro­ject. It has also been encou­ra­ging to hear that the alliance can­di­da­tes find the bud­get rea­lis­tic for a pro­ject of this size. The focus in the coming months will be on cont­ract nego­tia­tions with the can­di­da­tes. We will announce the deci­sion on the alliance in mid-April.

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