Exerci­se is an ele­ment of well-being for people of all ages


Exerci­se is an ele­ment of well-being for people of all ages: it main­tains mobi­li­ty, slows down the rate of muscle loss and strengt­hens bones. Staying acti­ve and fit is especial­ly impor­tant for older people as it delays the chan­ges brought about by ageing and also pre­vents neu­ro­lo­gical disor­ders, such as demen­tia.

Exerci­se sti­mu­la­tes the mind and helps people stay posi­ti­ve. 

Health-enhancing phy­sical acti­vi­ties are par­ticu­lar­ly sui­table for older people. This means regu­lar, mode­ra­te-inten­si­ty exerci­se that inc­rea­ses the res­pi­ra­to­ry rate whi­le still being pos­sible to hold a con­ver­sa­tion.

Regu­lar exerci­se impro­ves health, and stu­dies show that regu­lar exerci­se also reduces the risk of fal­ling and pre­vents various disea­ses.

Phy­sical acti­vi­ty gui­de­li­nes for people aged 65 and over in brief:

  • Acti­vi­ties that impro­ve strength, balance and flexi­bi­li­ty twice a week.
  • Mode­ra­te exerci­se, i.e. acti­vi­ties that inc­rea­se the heart rate, for 150 minu­tes a week. The same health bene­fits can be achie­ved by doing vigo­rous exerci­se for 75 minu­tes.
  • Light phy­sical acti­vi­ties as often as pos­sible.
  • Com­bi­ning the­se in a varie­ty of ways is the best way to pro­mo­te health and the abi­li­ty to func­tion.

Accor­ding to the natio­nal Fin­So­te sur­vey of health, well-being and ser­vice use, 24% of elder­ly people over the age of 75 in Cent­ral Ostro­both­nia spend the recom­men­ded time on phy­sical acti­vi­ty, whi­le the com­pa­ra­ti­ve figu­re for Fin­land as a who­le is 28%. 


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