Kok­ko­la Areena

Exerci­se is an ele­ment of well-being for people of all ages

Exerci­se is an ele­ment of well-being for people of all ages: it main­tains mobi­li­ty, slows down the rate of muscle loss and strengt­hens bones. Staying acti­ve and fit is especial­ly impor­tant for older people as it delays the chan­ges brought about by ageing and also pre­vents neu­ro­lo­gical disor­ders, such as dementia.

One address – end­less possibilities!

We all have our own per­so­nal ways to exerci­se. The­re are tho­se who want to try out eve­ryt­hing and are ins­pi­red by a varie­ty of things, whi­le the­re are others who love one sport and focus on that alo­ne. Some people enjoy exerci­sing in a group, whi­le others pre­fer not to com­mit them­sel­ves to sche­du­les and like to work out when it suits them.

Image of an orchestra with a woman in the foreground playing a double bass.


The new lar­ge indoor are­na inclu­ded in the concept will make it pos­sible to orga­ni­se events such as concerts and conferences.

The pre­mi­ses will also be sui­table for exhi­bi­tions or tra­de fairs. High-end res­tau­rants and the ser­vices that they will pro­vi­de will gua­ran­tee great events.

The joy of sports for everyone

The concept inclu­des excel­lent sports faci­li­ties for people of all ages and abilities.

New trai­ning ice rinks, an indoor run­ning track, an ice rink, a bas­ket­ball court and a gym will ensu­re that doing sports will be a joy­ful expe­rience. Young people in par­ticu­lar are cer­tain to be inte­res­ted in the dif­fe­rent faci­li­ties and equipment.

The plans also inclu­de faci­li­ties for medical ser­vices, phy­siot­he­ra­py and a test labo­ra­to­ry. The­re will also be a press room, which can be tur­ned into a class­room during the day.

Image of an indoor sports facility with a young boy walking with a basketball under an obstacle.